Making Places

Making Places – brochure designed for The Verbatim Formula.

The Verbatim Formula is an applied performance research project, which is currently working with looked after children and young people. The process is being developed by Dr Sylvan Baker, Dr Maggie Inchley and Dr Sadhvi Dar at Queen Mary University of London’s Drama Department and produced by Peoples Palace Projects, in partnership with Greater London Authority Peer Outreach team.

Our approach was to extend and adapt the existing brand, in particular the simplified curves of the headphone motif, which is incorporated into the logo mark and the primary colour palette. The headphone refers the “Headphone technique” where young people record interviews with each other, and/ or adults. A performer then listens back to the testimonies through personal headphones, and relays the original recording to an audience by paying minute attention to the words on the audio, and repeating them accurately and respectfully.

In our designs we reiterated the headphone shape as a graphic and illustrative device to reflect the nature of the project.
Bold and colourful chapter separators break up the publication into strongly defined areas. We created additional single line-weight illustrations bring the texts to life consistently.