Mais Um Discos – Music Packaging

Since 2013 we have been designing music packaging, promo and merchandise for independent music label Mais Um.


Based in London and headed up by head honcho Lewis Robinson the label releases a wide range of music primarily from Brazil and most recently sounds from Japan. Being a big fan of Brazilian music and all things Brazilian, working with Mais Um has been a great opportunity to explore many cultural themes; from the unique typographic styles found in hand-painted signage to street art, which is a hugely popular and visually powerful medium throughout Brazil.


Images: Kiko DinucciElza SoaresRole: New Sounds of BrazilDona Onete, Minyo Crusaders

Our approach to design has been to collaborate with local artists and photographers to create an authentic graphic and visual response to the music.


For example: For Daora (Portuguese for ‘cool’) – a Brazilian music complilation we worked with Sao Paulo based stencil artist Daniel Melim to create the packaging for the CD & LP release. Melim allowed us to use his artwork which we remixed to create further layering effects and combined with stencil type.