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Author | Art Direction | Book Design
Make Your Mark by Tristan Manco
Cover art by Gustavo Ortiz
Make Your Mark by Tristan Manco
Front & Back cover typography by 44 Flavours

Artistic director Tristan Manco is the author of numerous art and design books published by Thames and Hudson. A role which includes initial concepts, the writing of original text, picture research and art direction. For over 15 years he has built up a dynamic relationship with T&H’s in-house team in the collaboration of each title.

The first three books Stencil Graffiti (2002), Street Logos (2004) & Graffiti Brasil (2005) all had a similar small affordable paperback format – ideal for their target market of art students and street art fans. 

Tristan Manco books, Thames and Hudson
Cover typography by Andy Rementer & A.J.Purdy Illustration by Will Barras
Street Sketchbook Journeys
Cover typography by Max Rippon, illustrations by Saner & Titifreak

Street Sketchbook (2007) and Street Sketchbook: Journeys (2010) were a first foray into large format hardcover books. The idea behind their design was to emulate the look and feel of real sketchbooks with a hard cover and rounded corners. Street Sketchbook won a British Book industry award for its jacket design, which also featured a spot varnish picking out the illustrations by Will Barras.

Chapter intro spread from Make Your Mark book featuring Rob Sato

For a number of books it was a pleasure to commission artists to create bespoke typography for the covers; Street Sketchbook features the work of artists Andy Rementer & A.J.Purdy, Street Sketchbook: Journeys was hand drawn by Max Rippon and most recently the Make Your Mark typography is the work of artists 44Flavours. Each book has been printed in numerous language editions, which often have a different cover for each territory.

Raw + Material + Art by Tristan Manco
Haroshi - art created using recycled skateboards
Rosemarie Fiore's Firework Drawings

Following a number of books on street art topics, Manco began to focus on Contemporary art looking at the basics of art starting with the use of materials. Published in 2012, Raw + Material = Art – Found, Scavenged and Upcycled celebrated the work of a new generation of artists using low-cost and low-tech materials in their work. 

Big Art Small Art
Big Art Small Art by Tristan Manco
Large scale underwater sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor
Big Art Small Art by Tristan Manco
Miniature sculptures by Diem Chau

As a follow up to the best-selling Raw + Materials + Art, Big Art Small Art published in 2014 looked at how artists use scale as a factor in their work illustrated by exploring both extremes of scale used to make us look at the world in new ways.