Contemporary Narratives Lab

Contemporary Narratives Lab is an independent and collaborative project exploring the relatively new field of live journalism. Essentially it is about creating collaborations between artists and journalists to tell new stories. CNL came to us to create a visual identity for the project that could be applied to their website, social media and reports.

The design needed to appeal to the project’s key audience of journalists, academics, funders, artists and audiences (of the artwork/performances).

In consultation with the Contemporary Narratives Lab our final design solution evolved as a combination of two visual ideas. 1) The idea of conversations, which is the essence of the journalistic process – the name Contemporary Narratives Lab is contained within speech bubble shapes. 2) The idea of “highlighting” and “editing”, which is essential process in creating narratives – in performance and journalism – visually we used a palette of pastels colours associated with highlighting text on screen and by hand with post-it notes and highlighter pens as well as a number of graphic marks used in editing texts and scripts, such as underlining, circles and arrows.