Logo and visual identity design for PIECEs.

PIECEs is a research project aimed at improving community based mental health care in India and Pakistan.

Our identity design distils a number of key elements of the project
– conversations as a part of therapy, symbolised by overlapping talking heads and speech bubbles
– a plus sign – + – a symbol for positive therapy and reference to DIALOG+ – the app that the project utilises
– a colour palette that reflects the different countries in the partnership

PIECEs’ research programme will explore, adapt and test a low-cost, generic approach (DIALOG+) that makes use of existing resources to improve community-based care for patients with psychosis and reduce the need for institutionalisation. DIALOG+ is an app-mediated intervention that has been shown to improve mental health outcomes. The participatory arts work of the project will give voice to people with psychosis and their experiences and engage local communities, opening up conversations about mental illness.

PIECEs is a research project jointly developed by the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry (Queen Mary University of London), Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF – Chennai, India) and International Research and Development (IRD – Karachi, Pakistan). People’s Palace Projects (PPP), an arts research centre related to Queen Mary University of London, will lead the arts work in partnership with the appointed local arts organisations.